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About Us

Essi makes investments on Health Tourism based on the experience of 19 years in beauty and aesthetics field. 'Essi Cosmetic Surgery’ is an establishment of Essi, which is operating very successfully in Health Tourism Area. With our team of plastic surgeons, dental surgeons and advanced technical facilities, we are more focused on Cosmetic Surgeries and Dental Health Operations. We are one of the biggest establishment in this field thanks to our team and experience.

Essi Cosmetic Surgery has many patients from all over Europe and Asia such as England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries. Given the superior quality of service and amenities provided, the patient capacity of Beautyinİzmir has been increasing throughout 2013.

We have 3 clinics in 3 cities of Turkey, İstanbul, İzmir and Antalya. According to our patients' need, we arrange the procedures to be taken in one of these cities.