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Arm Lift

Arm lift surgery is meant for people with saggy upper arms, the sagginess of the arm is affected due to ageing and genetics, or people who have lost a significant amount of weight in a short period of time (liposuction for example). The surgery is performed under general anaesthetic and takes about one to two hours. After the surgery, your skin will be smoother and look younger due to stretched skin, instead of saggy skin.

Before Surgery

We highly recommend you to stop smoking as this will influence the healing process of the wound. Smoking after the surgery is not permitted for the same reason as mentioned above. Medication could also affect the healing process. Medication such as aspirin and certain anti-inflammatory drugs prevent the blood from clotting, which is not good for the healing process. Ask your doctor about preoperative instructions with your medication.

The Surgery

The surgery will take place in a clinic. Before the surgery, the surgeon will mark the areas where the surgery will be performed. The procedure begins with the incision at the inner elbow and proceeds to the armpit in order to get rid of the excess extra skin. The surgeon plans the incisions along the back of your inner upper arm in order to reduce the visibility of the scar.

After Surgery

Usually, after the arm lift surgery, the surgeon will advice one night and if necessary two nights stay in the clinic. A special compression bandage will be applied and this will be removed in one or three days after the surgery. The surgeon recommends wearing garments after the surgery for four to six weeks after the surgery. After one month it is no longer needed to wear the garment at night.

The surgeon will use dissolvable stitches, which do not need to be removed after the surgery. After two weeks you can do your normal daily activities, however, we strongly recommend to avoid strong physical activities. After four weeks you can slowly start exercise with light weights and any bruising or swelling will usually dissipate within on or two months. Bruising or inflammation of the treated area is common, but this will disappear over time. The final result is seen after your scars have matured, approximately 6 months.



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