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Cosmetic Surgeries Make People Happier

Cosmetic surgery is a kind of plastic surgery which, using various surgical or non-surgical techniques, helps to reshape body and face and to correct deformations which can cause people to feel frustrated. These deformations can be caused by an accident, disease or they can be congenital. Thus, they can be a result of pregnancy or excessive weight loss. However, these deformations make people feel unhappy, without self-confidence and some people can become unsocial.

Cosmetic surgery can be beneficial for both physical and mental health. Cosmetic surgery helps a person to adapt himself or herself better and feel more self-confident. Some studies have shown that cosmetic surgery operations may improve self-esteem and make people more sexually attractive.

We can say that these surgeries are a result of a desire to feel satisfactions in one’s own skin. Everyone desires to be attractive and be happy with his/her image. Cosmetic surgeries are considered as an improvement in appearance. A better appearance would improve self-confidence and would provide a better body image.
Whenever there is a need or desire to change or improve their outer appearance, people can now choose the procedures offered at plastic surgery clinics.

As we make the changes to achieve a certain look that we desire, we become more confident with ourselves and become more comfortable in our interaction with others. This is a positive factor in our socialization process and may even improve our interaction skills. These results may help the person live a happier life as worries about not being accepted by the society because of appearance may be eliminated. It may also increase an individual’s productivity. As improvements in appearances may increase chances of getting hired for a particular job, the person who has undergone plastic surgery may also increase his/her chances of becoming successful with career.

Some studies show that 79% of surgeries are undergone by women and 21% by men. If we consider the general fact that women care more for the physical appearance than men do, the result is logical. However, we have to add that with the improvement of the hair transplant techniques this number has been changed over time. A huge number of men undergo the hair transplant procedure.

In some countries, some procedures (such as breast reduction, eyelid reduction, breast reconstruction after the mastectomy, congenital malformations etc) are covered by insurance because can affect physical and pshychological health.

Twenty years ago, plastic surgery was not so developed and there were many cases with a bad outcome. Today, these bad outcomes are increased to a minimum, thanks to developed technology. For example, today is not possible for silicone to pop. Also, there are some materials other than silicone. There was also some stereotype that plastic surgeries are only for Hollywood stars, but today we all know that everyone can undergo the procedure and correct deformations which make his/her dissatisfied.

However, maybe you want a nose like your favourite Hollywood star, but, due to your physiology, it could not be possible. That is why you should consult with the doctor, before deciding which shape you prefer to have. Your doctor will show you which shape will be more suitable for you and your phisiology.

According to our patients’ reactions and testimonials, we can also conclude that cosmetic surgeries do make people happier. There is just one detail, it is not possible to see how your new look is immediately after the surgery, because of the swellings and bruisings.

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