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Dental Implants

Dental Implant

Dental Implants are the most modern, natural and comfortable solution for dealing with the loss of teeth, either of one tooth or many teeth. They are an excellent substitute for a natural tooth root and can allow you to once again have fixed permanent teeth instead of a gap. In an ideal world missing teeth should be replaced as soon as possible as the gap that is left behind by an extraction leaves other teeth unsupported and over time the teeth either side of the gap can move causing weakness in the area.

Duration of treatment

The implant process for routine cases normally consists of two stages;

Stage I : Dental Implant placement.
After preparation of the implantation area, implants are inserted and the gum is stitched over them. Depending upon the complexity of your case, the operation might take anything from thirty minutes for a single implant, to several hours for complex bone grafting and multiple implant placements. Any stitches are removed a week to ten days later. You will not be left toothless as we fit you with temporary teeth. During that time patients remain under our constant care.

Stage II : The restorative phase.
Usually, three to nine months after the implants were first placed, you return to our clinic so that final teeth can be fitted. The reason why it takes from three to nine months between these two stages is that an integration period is needed for the implant to fully assimilate with the bone. During this time bone cells grow into the micro-pores created on the surface of the implant. It is a natural process and its duration varies between individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is suitable for dental implants?

If you have good general health then dental implants will almost certainly work for you. However, to have implants inserted you also need to have healthy gums and sufficient thickness of the jawbone. Our dentist will assess that during an initial consultation. In some cases, implants can only be placed after grafting the bone into the area first.

Does dental implant treatment hurt?
Can implants always be used in case of missing teeth?


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