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6 Pack Abs Surgery -Abdominal Etching-

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6 Pack Abs Surgery -Abdominal Etching-

Lip Lift Surgery At A Glance
Duration of Operation 60-120 Minutes
Who Is Eligible Patients confirmed by our doctor via consultation or online consultation
Recovery Duration 5 Days
Anaesthesia General
Going Back To Normal Routine After 5-7 Days
Final Results in Between 6-12 Months
Success Rate Over 90%

What is Abdominal Etching or 6 Pack Surgery

Nowadays, one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for men is the abdominal etching, also known as `6 pack surgery`. Is it really possible to get 6 pack with a surgery? The answer is yes, this surgical procedure is performed to improve the appearance of the abdominal muscles by liposculpturing the excess fat around the abdominal muscles. After abdominal etching, the stomach would look tighter and more muscular.

Am I a candidate for 6 pack surgery

You can be a candidate for 6 pack abs surgery if you are in good overall health, physically fit and have a good muscle build. We do not advise this surgery for overweight people.

If you have lower than 20% of fat and you are healthy, you might be a candidate for abdominal etching.

The Procedure

6 pack abs surgery takes around 1.5 hours and performed under general anaesthesia. Before the surgery, the surgeon marks the abdominal muscles for planning your individual muscle structure. This procedure is not creating a new form of abs, it is just improving the appearance of your abdominal muscle. So, after the marking of the muscle structure, the surgeon will perform the incision and remove the excess fat using a cannula.

Recovery and Aftercare

In most cases, we have our patients to stay 1 night after the surgery, where it is actually not necessary. After the surgery, we expect there will be a moderate pain in your abs area, this pain can be controlled by painkillers. You will be staying in your hotel 6 more nights after the surgery. You can return to your normal life within 5 days, however, it is not advised for heavy activities. You will be wearing a pressure corset for about 6 weeks all day. This helps to seal the result and also minimize the swelling.

What’s the Cost of 6 Pack Surgery?

The cost of the abdominal etching or 6 pack surgery varies between £6000 and £15000 in the UK. In Essi Cosmetic Surgery, we offer 6 pack surgery in 3 cities and the total price including accommodation and VIP transfer services is £3500.

Essi Cosmetic Surgery is based in London, which makes us the unique company among those who offer cosmetic surgeries abroad.  Along with the excellent service quality and access to the most experienced surgeons and medical teams, we provide trust and confidence to our clients by being able to help them pre and post operation through our London office. Our clients feel at safe hands because we care for them and follow up their post operation closely.

Frequently Asked Questions About 6 Pack Surgery

When will I see the final result after abdominal etching procedure?

The final result will be seen between 6 and 12 months.

Will there be scars after abdominal etching?
I have excess fat over my abs, can I have 6 packs surgery?
Who is a good candidate for this surgery?
How is surgery done?
How long does the surgery take?
What about the aftercare?


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