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Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

This surgery will uplift the breasts in order to make the breasts equal size and get rid of the sagginess, which will make your breasts more youthful and according to your wishes. The surgery can be performed after the age of 18 years. Breast Lift is performed under general anesthetic and the surgery takes 2 to 3 hours.

Before Surgery

We highly recommend you to stop smoking as this will influence the healing process of the wound. Smoking after the surgery is not permitted for the same reason as mentioned above. Medication could also affect the healing process. Medication such as aspirin and certain anti-inflammatory drugs prevent the blood from clotting, which is not good for the healing process. Ask your doctor about preoperative instructions with your medication.

The Surgery

The surgery will be performed in a hospital under general anaesthetic, which will last for two to three hours. In order to achieve the desired shape, the surgeon makes anchor-like incisions, creating a vertical line downwards from the areola and the horizontal line beneath your breasts.
Through incisions, plastic surgeon lifts the underlying breast tissue, reshapes and improves breast contour, firmness and relocates the areola. In some cases, the blood vessels and nerves in the areola are repositioned together. The size of the areola can also be reduced if needed. The surgeon will discuss the appropriate technique to use in order to make the decision for the most appropriate technique to use.

The scars will not be visible in most clothing and swimwear. However, directly after the surgery the scars will show red, firm and raised. Within three to twelve months the scars will fade and soften. Most of the time the scars become nearly invisible, but other scars may become wide and raised. Unfortunately, final scar appearance cannot be predicted prior to the surgery.

After Surgery

The patient will usually remain at the hospital for 1 night, The incisions will be covered with a light dressing and you must wear a special surgical supportive bra. This bra should be worn at all time (even when you sleep) for two to six weeks, please follow the instructions of your surgeon. If the surgeon used a drain, then this will be removed before you check out of the hospital.

You are not allowed to sleep on the abdomen for a period of five weeks. You can take a shower within a couple of days after the surgery. Your surgeon will give you further instructions on how to change the dressing.

You can return to your daily activities after a few days, however, you must strictly avoid lifting objects over your head or make fast movements during the first four to six weeks. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to lift small children, therefore you need a plan for additional help during the initial recovery period.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a good candidate for breast uplift surgery?

The surgery can be performed after the age of 18 years and is advised for women that do not plan any pregnancy in the future. Also, if you are planning to lose significant amount of weight, it is better to undergo this procedure after you lose your weight.

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