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About FUE Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation Surgery At A Glance
Duration of Operation 4-10 Hours
Who Is Eligible Patients confirmed by our doctor via consultation or online consultation
Recovery Duration 7-10 Days
Anaesthesia Local
After Surgery Visit Once for hair washing
Final Results in Around 12-15 Months
Success Rate Over 95%

At Essi Cosmetic Surgery, we are specialized in the Follicular Unit Extraction technique of hair transplantation, also known as FUE method. We perform different FUE techniques including classical FUE and DHI (direct hair transplant) etc. depending on the history and expectation of our patients. If you fill the free online consultation form, you will be given a medical report written by our consultant surgeon that explains further about your operation. We handle all our clients individually so that our clients could have excellent results.

Why FUE is accepted as the gold standard?

It is because FUE hair transplantation is natural, painless and scar free. There are various types of the FUE including "DHI Hair Transplant", “Ultra Refined FUE”, “Undetectable FUE” and “Robotic FUE”. Some of these terms are representing marketing methods and some are representing technical differences, however the principal of all of the methods are the same as you can see in our hair transplantation process infographic.
We offer all inclusive 1 price for all our hair transplant cases, so our patients don't need to hassle with graft quantities and extra payments. Hair transplant cost at Essi is affordable and it is considered as the safest choice by many British looking to have hair restoration in Turkey or Cyprus.

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Why Do Brits Have Hair Transplant With Essi in Turkey and Cyprus?

  • We provide access to only top surgeons and medical staff,
  • We care for our clients by offering excellent service,
  • We do not have sales representatives,
  • We represent the largest chain of clinics in Turkey,
  • We are based in the UK, registered to Companies House,
  • We have a great after care follow up policy which gives our clients great confidence.

What To Expect After Hair Transplant Operation at Essi

First Night After Hair Transplant

Just after the hair transplant operation, you will have a bandage over your donor area and hair band at your forehead to prevent swelling on your face. The scabs will be seen at the transplanted area until around 10 days. Our advice for our patients is to try to sleep with an upright angle to prevent the risk of swelling on the face at the first night.

First, Second and Third Day After-Op

You will be having a post-op consultation by your surgeon along with the hair washing procedure. In some patients, we leave the PRP to the second day, your surgeon will be giving you the necessary info.

First Week Care

The transplanted grafts will be getting used to the new roots, they will not fall by touching. However, we advise our patients to avoid scratching, hitting to solid objects etc. Avoid direct sun exposure.

2-8 Weeks

Around 10 days after the hair transplantation, the scabs disappear, so people will not understand that you have undertaken an operation. Generally, between 2-8 weeks (up to 12 weeks), you will see your transplanted hair will be falling out. This is totally normal and it is called shock hair loss, where it is a part of the process of your grafts getting used to new roots.

3-6 Months

Around 4th month, your new hair growth will increase. At the end of 6 month, you will be seeing around 50% of your hair transplantation result.

6-15 Months

Your new hair will be growing and becoming thicker. Although final results are very individual, we generally see a 90% result at the end of the first year. In most cases, we see 100% result end of month 15. In some patients, we see that the end results are improving until around month 18.

Hair Transplantation Before and Afters

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Choosing a Hair Transplant Provider in Turkey

It’s fair to say that Turkey is one of the top countries in hair transplantation and also cosmetic surgery. There are many reasons behind this fact such as the geographical advantage that leads many patients from Europe and Middle East to have these services in Turkey. So, Turkish surgeons and medical teams are very experienced due to high number of cases they’ve seen. Another reason is the good medical training in Turkey, which we can understand from the fact that there are many Turkish plastic surgeons and dermatologists known as key opinion leaders.
Although there are many advantages, it’s really important to choose the right company, because unfortunately there are many black market companies in the market. Especially in last 5 years, there has been many new black market clinics that are not safe and even legal. Or alternatively, there are many clinics/hospitals that are not patient centered because of sales targets etc.
Here are some risks that you could face choosing a local company, clinic or agency in Turkey:

  • Unfortunately many companies in Turkey are sales oriented, which causes great expectation on patient at first but big disappointment after the operation.
  • Many companies does not do follow up, which is actually very important after the operation.
  • If the patient have a question or problem, most of the time they can’t resolve their problem because it’s sometimes hard to reach. The reason behind this is that the sales people (most of them call these patient care coordinator) are working with commissions and they focus on new patients rather than caring for the previous patients.
  • Most of the people working in this industry are not doctors (even though they are acting like doctors), so we definitely advise our clients to make sure they are dealing with doctors.
  • 70% of the hair transplant companies in Turkey are unfortunately black market.
  • Hair transplantation is a surgery and it has to be performed in a hospital or surgical medical centre in Turkey by law. Even some companies offer in nice clinics, it’s not legal. The reason behind this is that hospitals have 24 hours emergency surgery units for the worst case scenarios.
  • Many companies in Turkey or here are middleman, where they don’t actually have a control over the medical team, it’s just a commission based business relation.
  • Some clinics or hospitals have up to 15 hair transplant operations a day, where 1 doctor is trying to supervise all medical teams at the same time all day (and night). In some cases a nurse from a medical team performs 4 operations a day. Such practises have a great number of unhappy patients.
  • Due to high number of patients, many companies have a lot of good results, however this does not represent the truth if you look at the rate of the success. As explained above, there are practices performing 10-15 operations a day, where the success rate is actually around 50%.

Frequently Asked Questions

What may be the reason for my hair loss ?

Hair loss is %90 due to the androgenetic origin which is a combination of androgenic hormones and family history of baldness. Stress, hormonal imbalances (pregnancy, child-birth, menapouse), some diseases (thyroid diseases, iron deficiency anemia, diabetes…), some drugs (chemotherapeutics), aging, burns, local diseases (fungal or bacterial scalp infections), trauma, smoking, nutrition imbalances are the other causes of hair loss.

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