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Hair Transplant Process

FUE Hair Transplant Process

  1. Hair Design

The frontal hair design (or beard shape design) is done by our hair transplant doctor after discussing with the patient about the expectations. We aim to get the most natural results, so our doctors will lead you in that perspective. 

  1. Preparation and Hair Extraction

The donor area, usually back of the head, is prepared by shaving and washing. A local anaesthetic is applied by the doctor to reduce discomfort whilst the medical team uses a state of the art electronic punch to extract the individual hair grafts. An antiseptic dressing is applied to the donor area which can be removed the following day.

  1. Graft Harvesting

The grafts are extracted and categorised into grafts containing one, two, three or four hairs. Once selected by Essi Cosmetic Surgery hair transplant team, the hairs are prepared for transplantation. This step is very important in terms of the success rate, our teams are very well trained and experienced in selecting the healthy hairs. The hair extraction process typically takes between 1-4 hours, depending on the number of extracted grafts.

  1. Hair Placement

The frontal hairline design or beard shape designed is done by the hair transplant doctor after discussing with the patient about his expectations. The designed area marked by a pen and after the patient’s last confirmation, the surgery begins. Using a fine needle, small slits are made in the designated area starting from the front to the back. The hair grafts are placed evenly into the small openings to match your existing hair pattern, angulation and desired density. The density of the hair is arranged according to achieve the most natural look. Placement of grafts typically takes between 1-4 hours, depending on the number of grafts to be placed.

  1. Aftercare

An aftercare pack is provided that contains special shampoos and information on how to care for your transplanted hair. You’ll be visiting our clinic for hair wash either the next day or the day after. You’ll have an online hair examination after 1 month to check the progress of your hair transplant. You will be able to call our London office anytime you need any kind of information.

After Hair Transplant Care

We used the advanced FUE method at our hair transplant operations. FUE is accepted as the gold standard of hair transplant techniques due to its no scarring, less downtime and successful results.

Operation Time
Hair transplant operation time depends on how many grafts are extracted and planted in, it varies between 4 and 10 hours.

Direct Sun Exposure
The hair transplant specialists advice to avoid direct sun exposure for at least 15 days after the operation. Although the first 15 days are importan, we always encourage our patients to avoid sun exposure at least 2 months to be on the safe side.

Healthy Post-Op Advice
We advise no physical damage to the hair placed area, even touching. No alcohol for 7 days. Stop smoking at least 1 month but preferably permanently.

The recovery time is minimum at FUE hair transplantation. Usually, patients could go back to work after 3 days and crust in the planted area will disappear 7-10 days.

Exposure to heat and physical damage
Heat damage and physical damage should be avoided to get better results, your doctor will give you all post-op advises before the operation. It’s important to be gentle while washing the head.

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