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How Many Grafts Do I Need For My Hair Transplant

Before you decide to undergo the hair transplant procedure, you would like to get more information about the process. The most frequently asked question is how many grafts do I need for my hair transplant in order to cover all bald region. We know this subject is abused by mane hair transplant providers and it causes a big confusion. Let us explain to you briefly.
First of all, you have to bear in mind that hair transplant procedure is very individual. The number of grafts being transplanted depends on how big is your bald area and how thick is your existing hair and also how healthy is your donor area. There are 2 important issues that we think confuses the patients:

1. Graft Quantity: Some patients are collecting offers from various hair transplant clinics and some of the clinics unfortunately offer unhealthy number of grafts in their price offer. It should be remembered higher the quantity of the grafts does not mean a better result, on the opposite it may cause an unreturnable damage on your donor area. Secondly, there is a trick that many companies unfortunately performs, which is counting 1 graft with 3 hairs as 3, so when they actually transplant 3000 grafts, they claim it is 9000 grafts. We always advise our patients to listen their surgeon’s recommendation.

2. Different FUE Methods: Many surgeons, doctors or clinics invent their own FUE method name and they claim that their hair transplant method is the best. First of all, all these names are mostly marketing names and they are basically the same. Secondly, all patients are individual and your surgeon needs to decide which hair transplant method is the best one for your case. So we always advise our patients to listen their trusted surgeons’ recommendations rather than going for a marketing name.

At Essi Cosmetic Surgery, our consultant surgeons will do their best in order to take many grafts as possible and not to ruin your donor area at the same time. That’s why our costs are not dependent on per graft. Even so, we refuse many patients because they insist on too many grafts or a certain method that our consultant surgeons does not recommend.

Going back to the question again, we recommend 3000 to 4000 grafts to cover a moderate baldness. However, you may need to undergo the procedure twice if the bald area is too large. In that case, we recommend the second procedure after one year, when your transplanted hair grow and your donor area heal. We can perform the second operations after 2 months as well, however sometimes our patients are happy with the results of the first procedure, they do not undergo the second procedure.

Finally, the whole procedure lasts one day, regardless of how many grafts you need. There is no general rule for each case, the number of grafts is very individual and it differs from person to person. You just have to decide to undergo the procedure and find an honest and trustworthy clinic.

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