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Step By Step Your Cosmetic Surgery Journey

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Step 1 – First Contact With Us

You can contact us through our free consultation form or by e-mail, phone or online chat. All contact details could be found on our website.

After your first contact, we appoint you a personal patient care coordinator from our London office, who will be at your disposal to manage the booking of your operation, accommodation, etc. and also answer all your questions. If you wish, you can book a meeting in our London office to ask questions and discuss your operation.

Your patient care coordinator then sends you a link of the medical questionnaire to be delivered to the doctor/surgeon/dentist.

Medical Questionnaire Notes:

When you fill the medical questionnaire, please also upload photos (or alternatively you can email them to us) of the area to be treated (for dentistry, please send us panoramic x-ray, for hair transplantation, you can upload the photos to our online consultation tool). You are assured that all information that you provide is treated with the utmost privacy and transfer of this data is totally secure. From this, we will provide a “no obligation quote”.

For Hair Transplantation, please see our Step by Step Hair Implant Operation Guide at FUE Hair Transplant page.

Step 2 – Doctor’s Confirmation and Report

Our medical team reviews your questionnaire and produces a medical report about the method of surgery, surgery process etc. Then your patient care coordinator delivers the report to you attaching a price offer with details such as accommodation, length of stay etc.

Then, if you have questions, your patient care coordinator answers with details.

Step 3 – Decision and Surgery Appointment

Should you decide to proceed, we will ask you to complete a booking form. At this stage, we will arrange the operation, accommodation and your patient care assistant in the destination clinic according to the date you pick. You only need to book your flight tickets and leave us the rest.

Step 4 – Arrival and First Physical Examination

Before your travel, your patient care coordinator contacts with you to see if there is no reason to postpone the surgery, such as sickness, etc. If everything is normal as given in the medical questionnaire, we proceed with the current schedule.

After you arrive at the city of your preferred clinic, your driver and patient care assistant welcome you at the airport and they took you to your hotel for check in and they took you to the clinic either at the same day or the day after.

Your doctor/surgeon/dentist performs the pre-operation examination and determines whether you are healthy enough for the planned operation and could undergo the general anaesthesia. After confirmation, he/she answers your questions if any.

Important Note: Please note that we work with “Zero Risk Policy”, therefore if the surgeon sees a risk such as if you are sick or there is a factor not mentioned in the questionnaire that could affect the surgery etc. we do not perform the surgery. That is why we ask our patients to be 100% honest and transparent with the questionnaire.

Step 5 – Operation Day and After Operation

We give you all the information before the operation, such as how long does it take, how many days for recovery etc. So before the operation, you will know all to expect.

We perform most surgeries in our partner hospitals with fully equipped operating theatres and intensive care unit station with monitoring at our disposal which meet high regulatory standards.

Step 6 – Post-Operative Treatment

Post operation treatment varies between each operation, such as the recommended hospital stay. For instance, you won’t need to stay overnight at the hospital after an FUE hair transplant, but you will need to stay at the hospital after liposuction.

We offer a minimum stay in the hospital for a given procedure. This time is the guaranteed time you need for a safe return home. After this time you can go back home or you might stay for a time for sightseeing. If you decide to stay after the operation, we can help you book a selected hotel near our clinic.

Your patient care assistant will be at your disposal to help you to attend the post-operative treatment and follow the planned schedule.

Step 7 – Recuperation and Sightseeing

Depending on the operation, you will be resting after the operation. In some operations, such as hair transplantation, our patients go sightseeing, having small holiday breaks. If you would like to stay more after your operation, we help you to book a selected hotel in your preferred destination.

Step 8 – Arriving at Home

Your patient care assistant and driver say farewell at the airport. You will be arriving your home with a new look and feeling healthy.



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