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Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck surgery (Abdominoplasty) is a cosmetic surgery procedure primarily for women who have been pregnant or women and men who have lost a significant amount of weight in a short period. The surgery takes two to three hours and the surgeon removes excess skin and fat from the mid and lower abdomen.

Before Surgery

We highly recommend you to stop smoking as this will influence the healing process of the wound. Smoking after the surgery is not permitted for the same reason as mentioned above. Medication could also affect the healing process. Medication such as aspirin and certain anti-inflammatory drugs prevent the blood from clotting, which is not good for the healing process. Ask your doctor about preoperative instructions with your medication.

The Surgery

The surgery will remove excess skin and fat, in order to achieve a firmer and flatter tummy and a slimmer waist. Prior to tummy tuck surgery, the surgeon marks your incisions with a kin-marking pen. Before the tummy tuck surgeon marks you, be sure to tell him about any special clothing goals you have. If you want your scars to be hidden beneath a bikini or a favourite style of panties, then you need to let the surgeon know that. If this is important to you, you can bring the garments with you at marking time.

Tummy Tuck Surgery takes about two to three hours and is performed in a clinic under general anaesthesia. The skin is then separated from the abdominal wall and lifted up, exposing the loose tissue that covers the abdominal muscles. The excess skin and fat are then removed and the remaining skin pulled down over the tummy.

Finally, the surgeon sutures the incision, and drains are usually inserted to eliminate fluid build-up. Bandages are then applied to the area. In some cases, it is advised to combine the tummy tuck with liposuction in order to eliminate localized fat accumulation. The hospitalisation period, depending on the extent of the surgery, is for three nights at the clinic.

After Surgery

You will stay at the clinic for three nights at the clinic. The first day after the surgery you are only allowed to follow a tea diet. You should not make any quick movements and rise very slowly out of bed. The nurse will help you with getting into a sitting position. After two days the drain, which is placed during the surgery will be removed and the stitches will be removed in ten days after the surgery. You will be picked up from your hotel and transported to the clinic. It is important to wear tight underwear, which is designed for this kind of surgery for a period of one to two months after the surgery.

It is not permitted to train your muscles by lifting heavy items for two months. Bruising and swelling around the treated area will disappear within a few weeks. Scars from the surgery will remain but fade significantly over time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the scar be visible?

The length of the scar depends on the amount of the skin that needs to be removed. The incision is placed on the lower abdomen, above the pubic bone, from hip to hip, so it could be easily hidden by underwear. The second incision will be done in order to reposition your belly-button, but this incision will be very small and will fade over time.

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