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Why You Have to Be Careful when Deciding to Have Surgery Abroad?

Why You Have to Be Careful when Deciding to Have Surgery Abroad?

Surgery is a very serious procedure that has to be performed by professional and experienced surgeons. Just as you need to be careful when choosing a doctor in your home country, you need to be careful when choosing a surgeon abroad. These are some issues that you need to consider carefully when deciding to have surgery abroad.
Turkey is one of the leading countries in the sphere of cosmetic surgery, especially hair transplant. There are various reasons for this. First of all, its geographic position; Turkey is located between Europe and the Middle East and is an important transit hub. This makes Turkey attractive for patients from Europe, as well as those from the Middle East and also Russia.

The second reason why Turkey is a popular cosmetic surgery destination is the fact that Turkish surgeons are well trained and very experienced thanks to number of operations they perform. Health tourism is not a new thing in Turkey. Turkish doctors see a large number of patients and have become experts in their fields. Moreover, medical schools in Turkey are among most competitive in the world, ensuring that only the best and the brightest can obtain specialization in sought-after medical fields. Despite these facts, one still needs to be very careful when deciding to undergo surgery in Turkey. Let me tell you why!

Some medical companies are, unfortunately, only concerned with profits, and tend not to pay sufficient attention to the well-being and satisfaction of their patients. We believe that this is unacceptable at anytime, anywhere! We recommend that those who are considering having surgery in Turkey, do their due diligence when researching the medical providers. Here are some points proving why patients need to be careful while deciding cosmetic surgery in Turkey:
– It’s believed that more than 70% of the medical service providers in Turkey are black market, especially the ones offers the cheapest deals. They are able to offer low prices as they do not pay taxes and often employ medical staff that are unlicensed doctors but acting as doctors. One should be very weary of unsolicited invitations from some Turkish companies who try to attract patients by promises of low-cost cosmetic surgery.
– There is a conveyor belt system in many service providers, where the surgeons has to jump from surgery to another surgery without resting, which may cause serious consequences if things go wrong. This mass surgery production can be seen widely at hair transplant services, where technicians without any days of experience could perform hair transplant to you if you’re unlucky. In those cases, the doctor usually only sees the patient once at the start of the procedure and does not even supervise throughout the procedure. At our clinic, for example, we are limited to 2 hair transplantations per day, and in many cases, to only one, as the procedure tends to last 4-10 hours. All our procedures are performed by licensed surgeons and their medical teams.
– If the medical tourism company is based in Turkey, it’s hard to communicate with them if things go wrong, because the patient care coordinator or assistant earns commissions, so they prefer to focus on new patients rather than patients with problems,
– Some medical tourism companies claims they have an office in UK, however these are virtual offices that does not exist, patients need to be careful with those companies,
– Many health tourism companies and service providers change their company names if they have a problem.

My advice is that one should always obtain the name of the surgeon in advance in order to find out more about this surgeon’s professional background, clinical practice, references and reviews by other patients. Moreover, it is vital to ensure that all procedures are performed in a hospital or a surgical medical centre, not a clinic or what is called in Turkish ‘tıp merkezi’. This is prescribed by Turkish law in order to ensure that in case of unintended side-effects, patients undergoing cosmetic procedures can receive proper emergency medical attention.
Having an office abroad is a big advantage for Turkish medical providers. It means that the company is very professional and serious about its patients’ well-being, as this makes it possible for patients abroad to obtain consultations in their home countries.

Please note that with our company you will have and Individual Patient Care Assistant (IPCA). This is very important person during your stay in Turkey. Your assistant will take care of the schedule (airport, hotel, pre-examination, surgery, aftercare) and ensure that you do not miss anything. From your arrival at the airport until your departure from Turkey, everything is planned and scheduled for you. Your IPCA will also be able to answer any of your questions, and help with any request 24 hours a day. However, our commitment to you does not end here. We want to hear from you after you return in order to follow up on your recovery. You will be able to consult with our doctors if you have any questions about your aftercare.

Be sure that you are in good hands before you choose to undergo surgery. Do not allow your dreams to become a nightmare. We are here to make your dreams come true and to ensure that you are happy with the ‘new you’.

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